Hoarding Creativity

I’ve got more #studioprobs for you. After having moved off campus, I’m confined to the kitchen table to do my artwork………. unless… I clean up my desk in the basement and make it an effective studio space. This means that I’d have to organize all of the junk I’ve collected throughout the years.

I know it’s not just me that’s in the habit of hoarding all types of things. I’ve polled my fellow colleagues, compared notes, and made this list of the most common items that take up wayyyy too much space in our “studio” spaces (totally NOT in an effort to prolong the spring cleaning process).

1. Sketchbooks – Old and new, your collection runs the gamut. The pile accumulates because you like the size of that one better or maybe you just weren’t feeling the paper texture of the old one.

2. Writing Implements – You’ve got mechanical, wooden, and woodless pencils ranging from H to 9B. Pens are everywhere, yet you never have the right one when you need it or the one you picked up doesn’t work. Better keep it anyway.

3. Tchotchke – The little man holding the sign that reads “DOUBLOONS PLEASE” was meant for you. He’s always in the way or falling over but you just don’t have the heart to take him or any of his “friends” off your desk.

4. Paint – You have all of the shades of umber and enough variations of red, yellow, and blue to use a triple primary palette. You keep all of the tubes that are practically empty “just in case.”

5. Boxes – All shapes. All sizes. All colors. All kinds. You do not discriminate. Every one will have an inevitable use. Probably.

6. The “It’s-Not-Garbage!” Garbage – That big rusty metal strip you found on the side of the road could be what holds the composition of your next painting together.

7. Old Magazines – That stack of fifty-seven magazines over there? There’s a collage in there somewhere. You just have to make it.

8. Art Books – You never have enough shelf space for all of them yet there are none that you’re willing to let go of. And of course, you’re always looking for more.

9. Paper – Paper! Paper everywhere! Be it printed photo reference, inspirational art prints, or just random sheets of blank paper, you have it all and it’s all over your desk. File it appropriately.

Eeeee… well that’s enough of that. I better go start redistributing all my piles of stuff some place else. Were you able to relate to this list at all? Don’t feel too guilty about it if you did. What’s it missing? What other kinds of art-related things do you have a habit of hoarding?

4 thoughts on “Hoarding Creativity

  1. When I left grad school and moved to Rwanda, all I could take was 7 tubes of paint and some linseed oil. My entire studio is reduced to about 4 square feet.

    1. Wow! I bet you don’t have a lot of the clutter-causing items listed above then. Only the necessities! That must have been a tough transition but admirable nonetheless.

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