First Time in New York


New York City has a lot to offer if you’re looking for a place to view art. You don’t have to just go to an art gallery or museum. If you really look you’ll see that the streets, buildings, and alley ways are covered in art.

This was my first trip to New York and I will never forget it. The bus took us from Marywood University to Chelsea, New York where there were plenty of small art galleries in the area. Instead of staying in Chelsea, my friends and I went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The MET had a lot to offer such as sculpture, photography, paintings, and more. It would have taken about two days to really go through the whole museum and see everything. Unfortunately, we only had a few hours until it was time to catch our bus back to Scranton, PA.

My favorite parts of the museum were the painting and sculpture exhibits. I especially enjoyed the Vincent Van Gogh paintings. His paintings almost have a dream-like quality to them and the texture in his pieces are beautiful. The sculpture exhibits are something that I recommend because you can see finished and unfinished pieces that were made throughout time. Even though there were a few that were unfinished you can see the potential of what could have been.

Overall, I truly enjoyed my first trip to New York and I got to make memories that will last a life time.

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