Something really cool about artists is the fact we are all so different and pretty eccentric in our own ways. I always like to see where that strange part of us comes from. For me, I have always gravitated towards the creepy and somewhat dark; it’s something I recall being fascinated by since I was a kid. That being said, I invite all of you to understand where my creative strangeness stems from; directly from the mind of Tim Burton. Though my work has a brighter color palette, I can see where his influence lies in my work. The misshapen silhouettes of trees, followed by a torn apart human heart, his influence can be seen in small pieces of every thing that I do.

What really drew me to him were two main things…First, he has a way of making us feel like magic is real, that these worlds exist. They are somewhat frightening but at the same time he allows us to feel a connection with his characters; he plays at their human qualities in a morbidly beautiful way. The Second is the fact that he does not call himself an artist and he never has; just a man who always has to have a pen and surface to draw on. I really think that aspect of him can resonate with almost every artist out there. I know I struggle with the idea of attaching that title to myself. There’s an added pressure that comes with it; like every thing you create has to be a masterpiece or else you aren’t deserving of your title. For him though, he just draws what he feels needs to be seen. He brings characters into the world that we have never seen before, and he does it on his own terms.

His world makes up a huge part of who I am as a person and as an artist. Inspiration is never hard to find when I flip through the pages of his books, or sit down to enjoy his movies. People may say it is too dark, or too scary for children, but I just see it as a beautiful exploration of things we are afraid to see and accept. There is a certain tantalizing draw to the darkness, and I have always enjoyed exploring it.

So, as an artist, where does your strangeness stem from? Do you enjoy the darkness of Tim Burton, or maybe you gravitate towards a lighter side of inspiration? Feel free to share with me your uniqueness. It’s what makes us who we are.

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