Time To Organize!

After a couple years of being in art school, there’s a ton of drawings, paintings, and prints that I have at home. For awhile, I could just shove everything in a big box, but there’s only so much space in that box. So this week I worked on organizing everything that I’ve done in art school into piles of keep, throw away, and give away. The stuff I’m keeping is obviously my best stuff, and I made sure to have things from freshman, sophomore, and junior year in that pile. The stuff I’m giving away are just random doodles or drawings that I’d rather try and find a home for rather than just trashing it. But I made sure to take a picture of each one of those pieces. The trash pile is reserved for a couple of horrific things mostly done freshman year of school. Still, having documentation of those works is very important. While this process took awhile, it was actually quite fun and nostalgic, and an incredible way to see how much I’ve grown as an artist!

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