Creating A Creative Flow

Having a solid creative flow as an art major is like having the periodic table memorized as a science major. It will just make life easier! So here are some tips on how to create a creative flow.

1. Be inspired. This can vary from day to day. Sometimes it’s a song, maybe an old work you created, and sometimes it’s your favorite Disney movie. Open yourself up to everything. Whatever it is, find it and stick with it. It will do you wonders.

2. Get comfy. Throw on those pajama pants and tie that hair up in a messy bun. Nothing will beat this. Nothing.

3. Tidy your workspace. Just like you can’t sleep when your mind is cluttered, you can’t create when your desk is. Having an inspiring and tidy workspace is incredibly refreshing and very helpful.

4. Lose yourself. Don’t be afraid to spend hours creating something you love! Losing track of time for your work is an amazing feeling. Enjoy what you’re doing! Give into any emotion or feeling and let it take you where it wants.

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