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Welcome to the world of Art Education!

Have you, or someone you know, ever shown an interest in furthering your passion in Art? How about working with children? Me, too. Right now, I am a Junior Art Education major at Marywood University, but my journey into this major was something that seemed to happen by chance. Like many high school seniors, I had no clue “what I wanted to be when I grew up”; however, small things presented themselves to me and I eventually found my path. So I write today for all those that feel they should be following a creative path but maybe are unsure about how to go about taking that first step. My journey to Marywood started with my high school Art teacher, who is also a Marywood graduate. I took one class with him and realized my interest in Art was something much more. I had an actual talent that was presented in a way I had never heard before. You could actually make a career out of creating Art and sharing it with others who also possess that passion and drive!

We live in a world where the arts are rapidly dwindling in schools around the country. For me, especially, the high school I attended seemed to give no attention to the potential of the creative thinkers they could be producing. All but one seemed to skate right by the arts and not give it a second thought. That “one,” the teacher that opened my eyes to this world, takes it upon himself everyday to allow students the freedom to further their passion. My reason for this walk down memory lane is to not only share my story but to also make it known that your world is just waiting for that first brush stroke, and if you have the passion, and perhaps a few helping hands, you can make amazing things happen.

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