Creating A Still Life

Recently for my photography class, my classmate (Brianna Pensak) and I created our own still lifes. This process was much harder than we anticipated, being it was our first time making our own. Nonetheless, it was an amazing experience.

Sam Olfano let us into the photography studio, where there are different lights, tables, backdrops, and props. Despite the good handful of props, it was difficult to come up with a way to set it all up, but we eventually got there.

I made my still life first, and we easily stood there for a half hour before even knowing where to start. Eventually, I ended up creating a more romantic scene that kind of looked like a date night. My still life included wine glasses, a candle, and rose (which I put my promise ring into), and a vase with a branch of smaller flowers, all on top a small table with a lacy cloth on top. While Brianna kept a lot of similar props, she added an animal skull and used a solid, dirty-white table cloth to create a more ominous and creepy still life.

After we created the still lifes, we went on to take our photos, and now we are working on developing the negatives and printing the photos in class.

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