Dos & Don’ts of Portfolio Reviews

Hello lovelies, I hope everyone had a fabulous week! As the semester trucks on, there is the looming fear that us students have– portfolio review. During our portfolio reviews, the designer presents their work in an organized fashion to a panel of faculty that give us feedback on our work. They will give you honest insight on what works, and what doesn’t, and ways to improve. Until I completed all four of my reviews, I never understood how they would help me in the real world. Well, with the resources I gained from my reviews, I was able to land work within my field!

My tips for a good portfolio are to keep it clean. Do not overcrowd your work, and pick only the pieces that you are really proud of. If you have a second of doubt when it comes to the project, leave it out.  With today’s technology, you have the option to either have a digital or a physical portfolio. My recommendation, have both. Depending on where you go, a digital portfolio is ideal when sending the portfolio over with a resume, and for showing clients how you can organize your work. Although, some employers, and or reviewers may prefer the physical version only. Gauge your audience and determine which version to showcase, or if you’re unsure, just ask!

Always put your best pieces first and last, those are the most recognizable and memorable. Also, make sure you can logically explain you work using proper terminology you have learned in class. When the reviewer asks you a question about your work do not LIE. I cannot stress that point enough, I guarantee you if they are asking about it, they know about it, therefore do not bull crap it. Lastly, do not be self deprecating. Go in their confident and ready to showcase your work. Remember, you got this far, you can do it!

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