Creating Book Covers PT2

Hello everyone!

We are almost at the end, I can almost smell the finish line! Since the book cover assignment is the last assignment of the semester for General Illustration, we’ve had a little more time to work on it than other stuff. I have been having a lot of fun with it, mostly because it feels like something I’d like to do as a career after I graduate. I like the idea of tying all of these together, and I chose a series that I really enjoy.

These are smaller shots of the ones that I made for my fantasy series. I’m really proud of them, as they are different from my normal style. They have a painterly look to them that I’m pretty proud of being able to do after a lot of practice. I also included the main characters of the series, the “Antari” that do magic in each story. They’re all facing forward so it ties them together. They also have the same missing left eye, which I thought would tie them in even more.

What do you guys think? Like them?

Have a great week!

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