Creating My Space

Many people find moving into college a very daunting and annoying task. I actually enjoy it because it gives me the chance to start over. I walk into a completely blank room and get to create a space that I’ll enjoy living in for the next academic year. One of my favorite ways to decorate is to choose a theme or color scheme for the room and create a coherent design with small details and accents.

In my bedroom, the main color scheme is turquoise and gray. This combination has always been one of my favorites and it creates a nice tranquil space, which I find necessary to focus on studying. I implement this is through my bed and small accents, like fake flowers, picture frames, and my trash can. Anyone in college understands the importance of your comforter, as it is usually what the room’s theme revolves around.

In my bathroom, I hung a picture of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. (Excuse the ridiculously yellow lighting in my photos). To create a coherent room, I chose to display blue towels and bought a yellow soap dispenser. In my opinion, matching décor and small details in a room makes the room feel more relaxing than if it was a hodge podge of random things.

I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary to put this much thought into decorating your rooms, but as I have mentioned before, I think of this as an art form. I enjoy making these kinds of creative decisions.

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