Painting Abroad

If you’re a painter, you know that painting anywhere except for your studio can be quite the hassle. You have to transport paints, huge canvases, etc. to the location where you need to paint, and then drag it all back. Now imagine trying to pack up your studio to take overseas (WITHOUT taking a paintbox, since it would take up too much room). Last night, I had to consolidate my painting things so that they all fit in a suitcase, along with tons of clothes, toiletries, electronics, and so on. Here are some tips on how to take your studio abroad.

The Artist Abroad

1) Canvases:
While it would be stupid to take a stretched canvas (it would take up too much room), there are still alternatives. For example, I bought a large piece of masonite, cut it into small 8×12 rectangles, and gessoed them. This way, they can lay flat in my suitcase, and barely take up any space at all. Also, since the surface is hard, I don’t necessarily need an easel for when I paint them.

2) Paintbrushes:
These can be gathered together, and tied up with a hair tie, or, if you want them to lay flat, simply lay them side by side on a piece of cardboard (or one of your masonite canvas boards) and wrap them with plastic wrap.

3) Containers of paint:
There is no way to really consolidate these, but I find that the best time to put them in my suitcase is after everything is packed, and I can shove the paint containers between clothing.

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