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Some time ago I read a quote that recently made another appearance in my life, at a very appropriate time I might add. It went something like this… “Make time for what makes your soul happy.” From a college student’s perspective, with the day to day tasks needing to be completed, to many nights without sleep, I think this should be a constant reminder in our lives. We have so many opportunities in life right now, and though they are all exciting (“The world is your oyster”, if you will), we often times lose track of why we are doing what we are doing, in the first place.

Now, this idea of fulfilling your heart’s wildest dreams and making time for yourself does not have to be limited to our field of study; though it is, obviously, a large part of it. For me, things like going on hikes, practicing yoga with incredible people, and writing my thoughts for the day in a journal that seems to hold all the answers, are all small pieces of what makes my soul smile. I would like you to read this and get a little more of an idea about who I am as a fellow human as well as a future art teacher. There is nothing I love more than providing knowledge in a way that wasn’t seen before. “Why is Art important?” a student might ask. “Well let me tell you” I’d reply. I strive to allow my students creative freedom and for them to feel comfortable in what makes their souls happy. I want to teach them, as I teach myself, how to take that time to allow yourself to shine.

All of this comes from yet another reflection on my life in the pass few months. How I handled, and currently handle, not having art classes in my schedule this semester, how I maintained my love for art and art history that makes me jump up and down in front of a student who looks at me like I have lost my mind, how I sit at the end of a yoga class and just quietly breathe, letting go of what weighs me down. Recently I decided to take a break from homework and get on a pottery wheel—something I have been wanting to do for the better part of two years. That moment combined the quiet meditation, the excited teacher who makes a fool of herself, and the student who continues to struggle in art making but is finding her voice. All of these experiences may seem small to some but, like all of your small moments, they mean so much in the shaping of the people we are and are striving to be. So please, step back, put down the laptop and just breathe. Go outside, pick up a paint brush, read, write, whatever it takes for you to feel as though you are setting aside that oh so valuable time to do exactly what makes your heart and soul the happiest.







These images show aspects of my life that make my soul the very happiest it can be. Feel free to reflect and share with me some things that make you happy in your creative life using the Leave a Reply field below. Until next time!

Make time for what makes your soul happy


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