Creating Polaroids with Actions

Hello Everyone! I hope all is well. This week I am sharing more polaroid photographs except this time I created them a different way. For this assignment I got to create the polaroids by using actions in Adobe Photoshop. I saw some similarities and differences between the two techniques.

For this assignment I needed at least 10 photographs to turn into polaroids, so I went to the farm with my little siblings and cousins to take a walk and capture whatever caught my eye on camera. I had fun doing this because I got to hang out with my family and take photographs at the same time!

Once I had taken the photos, I went through them and brought the ones I liked into photoshop. I then chose one image to work off of and went through the various steps my professor sent me. The first step was to crop and edit the photograph, before creating a polaroid action through photoshop.

Once I cropped the photograph the way I wanted it. I started an action. The first couple of steps for the action were to create curve adjustments. I created an adjustment for the photographs, and each color of the curves individually. Once this was done, I added two different color leaks, and then I flattened the image and added a border. After this was all done I hit the stop button on the action, went to my next photograph and hit play. This made it so I was able to create 10 polaroid photographs in the matter of seconds!

Here are my polaroid photographs with actions.

Between the two different ways to create polaroid images, I think this way was the easiest. I also like how each photograph comes out a little different because they all don’t have the same values to make them all look identical after the action is used.

That’s all for this week! Stay safe and healthy! I’ll talk to you all next week!

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