Glass Painting

Hello everyone! I wanted to try glass painting because I have been seeing it all over social media and thought it looked interesting and wanted to try it out. First thing I did was get a piece of glass that was about letter paper size and printed out my image I wanted to trace on the glass. After that, I put the image under the glass and traced over the lines with sharpie marker and then I let the marker dry for alittle. Next, I painted the highlights first, shadows second, and the main colors third. Lastly, I went over smudged lines with a Posca pen.

Yelena Attack on Titan Glass Painting

I love the way it came out and for my first glass painting, it looks pretty good! I messed up on the shadow tones of the middle figure because it was hard to tell what colors they were from the photo, but overall, I like it still.

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