Skull Carvings

On our journey of learning about sculptors and their amazing creations, I want to talk about the fascinating concept of creating beautiful designs using bones as the canvas. Skull-carving is the art of etching and chiseling designs on cattle skulls. Sometimes those bone carvings are decorated with paint and natural elements like feathers. Before the carving even begins, the most important thing to do is to have a good canvas to work on. The skull is ideal because it provides the biggest surface to work with. Other bones can be used, but they are far less common. The best methods on how to properly clean and prepare animal skulls for decoration and carving can be found on Melodrama’s blog. It also has a great step-by-step and explanation on how to DIY!

An example of a skull carving.

The go-to tools for bone carving are electronic or air-powered rotary drill equipped with either diamond-tipped or carbide burrs. Proper protection equipment is necessary when working with bones and drills. Finely ground particles can pollute the surrounding air, so it’s very important to use goggles, a respirator, and ear plugs to ensure safety when making decorative animal skulls! Here’s a YouTube video of how to get started with craving bone.

Another example of a skull carving. I love the contrast on lights and darks in this piece!

Despite how morbid it seems, I find these animal skulls breath-taking and beautiful. Most of the skulls are ethically sourced as well, coming from cattle that have already lived out their life. To make sure they are ethically sourced, you should always research these things yourself too! These art pieces are surprisingly large and typical pieces range from $300-$500, depending on the artists and the intricacies of their design. These skull carvings definitely make for a strong conversation piece and makes a home far more interesting. It’s not everyday you get to see a giant decorative cattle skull hung over the mantle of a fireplace. It’s extravagant and out of the ordinary in the most beautiful way. If you’re interested in having one of your own, this is a website that sells skull carving and they even have coupons to take advantage of!.

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