Creatures in the Clouds

Lately I haven’t been in the mood to make any stunning masterpieces. I’m not sure if I’m uninspired or just letting the artist inside of me rest for a while after pushing myself so hard for two semesters. Because I think it is important to frequently engage in creative activities, I have been really active in my sketchbook. It’s relieving to not put pressure on yourself to create anything beautiful, but just create.

I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and the perfect clouds. A childhood pastime I don’t think anyone should outgrow is looking for things in clouds. I decided to make good of this belief and take advantage of the beautiful weather and perfectly puffy clouds. With sketchbook and pen in hand, I spent some time admiring the sky. Here are the creatures I noticed:

Originally in just pen, I wasn’t quite satisfied with my doodles. I decided to add some color. While I was adding color, I didn’t realize I was also adding a story and a personality for each creature. Here are three of my favorites.

In the CloudsPictures here is a creature with a cloud head with the body of a kangaroo. To make up for his half cloud/half creature genetics, he tells jokes. Not very good jokes.

In the CloudsIn the upper-right corner we have an ex-convict ghost of an old man. He claims to want to be left alone at all times, but he’ll never stop recounting story after story of his time in jail. No one really knows why he hangs around, but no one tells him to leave, especially after discovering his soft spot for rabbits and puppies.

In the CloudsProbably the cutest out of the bunch here is the frightened elephant, flying away from the intimidating fire of the pink dragon.

I know these aren’t going to be regarded as beautiful or even mildly interesting, but it gave me an excuse to pull out my pens and colors pencils and practice using my imagination.

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