Culmination and Realization

This week was the end of my Block Field experience and I could not have been more happy with it!  I am sad to see it end but I’ve have learned so much and grown as an educator, and I know now that I am in the right field for me!

I was super nervous going into this experience because it was completely new territory, but I now feel ready to take on my student teaching placements come January!

I started off this five-week experience with observations, to get a feel for the classroom that I was in and make sure I was following any procedures that my co-op had. Then I began merging myself into the classroom more as I began to interact with the students and give them advice on their artwork.  Finally, I was able to teach a lesson in Studio Art 1 and Graphic Design 1. Here are what their projects look like as I am leaving them:

Above are students working to create their “Newimals”.

Here are two students finished “Newimal” Projects.

And last but not least, my Studio class beginning to learn watercolor techniques that they will utilize in their Endangered Species project!

Now to tackle student teaching!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the time off!

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