Senior Show

So as you all may or may not know, I’m graduating a semester early, aka this December. With that being said, I just had the opening of my senior show! I don’t know how I haven’t written about it yet- but I am now!

Generally, the senior show is at the end of the spring semester, and every graduating art major partakes. They did things different this semester for myself, and three other December art therapy graduates. We were able to have our own show with just us four, in the fall semester! This was exciting because since there were only four of us, we all got to put in more pieces than usual.

I showed 5 paintings, and 2 pieces of pottery! In hindsight I wish I put more ceramic pieces in the show, but that’s okay. The show is in the Suraci gallery, and up until December 7th, 2017. I highly recommend checking it out! Myself and the other graduating Art Therapy majors put in a lot of hard work!


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