I’ve been playing around with different forms, specifically when it comes to cups. I’m able to easily throw a round, light, “perfect” cup. But how do I push that further? As an artist, I can’t just stop there. I have to continue to push myself and do something different. This lead me to throwing some small cups (I wish they were a tad larger) and really doing most of my altering to the foot of the cup. I carved lines done into a thick foot, and then carved away, leaving four smaller triangles for the piece to rest on. It resembles the foot(feet?) of an old bathtub. I’m still perfecting this form but super happy with the progress I’m making. I’ve also been experimenting with my glazes, and what will accentuate these forms the best. This glaze ran into the lines on the feet, and accentuated them in a great way. I can’t wait to play with this form more.

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