Masquerade Project 

This past Friday was homecoming at Marywood University! The theme was masquerade ball and I was really excited. I had ordered a mask online but it never came in. Of course I freaked out but I found the time to make my own mask. It was my last option if I couldn’t go out and find another one.

I raided my dorm and found some cardboard decorative cut outs with black glitter on them. I really liked the way it looked so I arranged them on a piece of plastic sheet. It was thin and flexible which was perfect to get it to form to my face. Once I had the desired pattern I  glued the pieces down onto the plastic. Once they were all glued down I carefully cut the design out of the plastic with an x-acto blade. After that I just tied some stretchy string to each side of the mask and it was done!

I like the mask I made but I ended up finding another one that went with my dress. I’m still happy that I had a back up plan just in case. I really wanted to share that quick idea because you never know when you’ll need a mask around with Halloween coming up!

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