Character Design

General Illustration II has been an awesome class so far! Recently we did a project about character design and what are the most important parts to building your own character. This time around we didn’t look at any example characters, it was up to us to choose whatever we wanted to do whether it be a superhero, game character, movie character, etc. Before we even got to think about the actual design of the character we had to come up with every single detail about it first. Personality, likes and dislikes, lifestyle, and other aspects like that. No drawing or sketching, just the concept first. The more information we had on the character first the stronger the idea would become. The more we knew our character, the easier the design came later on.

This was very challenging because we couldn’t really make our character until we had many of the details to describe it. It makes sense though, you can’t make a design without knowing details beforehand. This is idea is applied to making your own character/s as well. I tried to make a simpler character, a common house cat, but even with a simple character, I still had to come up with as much detail on it as possible. This also led to me making a whole other character to go with the one I had already created. All of the detail makes your superhero, animal, person, anything more believable and really makes him or her come to life.


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