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This week I decided that I wanted to share with you a photographer that I recently found and fell in love with his photographs. His photographs are landscape photography, so naturally he already has my vote.

Thomas Heaton‘s photographs are not like any other landscape photography I’ve seen. His photographs have this effect to them that makes them really dramatic. The colors within the photographs are almost unearthly, like they do not really belong here on earth. He also captures the simplest subjects in a landscape and makes them look like that their the most interesting subject in that landscape.

In order for Heaton to capture his photographs, it looks like he had to wait just for the right moment. Waiting for the right moment to get that perfect photograph can take forever, especially when you’re working with nature. You never know what’s going to happen. Maybe the weather isn’t what the weather channel said, maybe in order for the photograph to be complete you need some fog, and maybe you need a cloudy day, but the whole time you were trying to shoot it was sunny with no clouds in sky.

I know that Heaton’s photographs were not captured and looked exactly how he wanted them to. I think that any photographer would know that he used photoshop or some other form of photo altering system. Some photographers do not believe that changing a photograph like Heaton is not really photography, but that’s a whole different story that would probably take up another blog! Anyways, I still think he is a photographer because he may be altering his photographs, but he isn’t altering them to the point where they are unrealistic. He is just enhancing them, some a little more than others, but that is what his style is and it works for him.

Someday I would love if my photographs could turn out to be as good as Thomas Heaton. You know what they say, “Practice makes perfect!”

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  1. Thomas Heaton is a really great photographer with outstanding photographs! My dream is to go to SCAD University, Atlanta Ga, and be able to be a Landscape Photographer. Thomas Heaton has made my dream come to life!

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