Dance Is Art

Along with my art education major and art history minor, I also have my dance minor. And, last week I was extremely fortunate enough to be apart of Marywood’s Dance Fall Show Case. This was my first performance in four years and so much ran through my mind, mostly nerves! But, performing again really did make me miss it and it also reminded me of my art experiences and simply the art world in general.

For one, it is a tough competitive type of environment especially when it comes to performing professionally. A dancer’s lifespan pretty much expires by twenty one, it is a career you need to know and want at such a young age. However, just as the art world there are many, many other careers within the discipline. There are opportunities with choreographing, teaching, and therapy. I feel as it is a dog-eat-cat world, there is that feeling of being the best of the best and out doing but just as I learned with my art, it is all about passion and self growth. Because, without that passion and growth it is hard to further succeed.

Also, simple and straightforward dances can mean a thousand words. Sometimes it can be unnecessary to include all the bells and whistles, over including moves can be overwhelming causing the dance to not make sense. A dance should be able to tell a story just as any work of art can do and a minimal approach is the best way to create a story.

After realizing these few things it really made me see dance as a form of art rather than a sport. It contains so much emotion and design which art also shows!

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