Design in Creative Reflection

Throughout this semester, I have had a lot of time to reflect upon my education, my creativity, and my design process. I had one last project for my design class here in London and that was to use this reflection to create a series that showed how I’ve grown throughout the semester. All of the students are creating very different projects because everyone reacted to the course differently; but I chose to create minimalist posters of some of my reflections from this semester. It was really nice to turn all of the reflection into creative energy. So a couple of the posters are things that I realized while trying to create, and others are possible answers to my frustrations from this semester. It is a pretty personal series of work but it is really freeing to have some of my crazy thoughts down on paper.

The whole series was inspired by when I realized that I hate staring at blank pages. So I started with the large sheet of paper and wrote “I Hate Blank Pages” extremely small in the middle. Then I created the rest of the series! Wish me luck: I present my work tomorrow so we’ll see how the others respond!

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