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Week 16 Rant – Finals Week

Actually the week went pretty slow, most of my studio projects have been done. I had a few tests but for the most part they were not too bad. What is best in life at Marywood during finals week? I will tell you! Kicking your History final’s butt in less than 15 minutes. What was really interesting were the looks on some of my classmates’ faces as I got up to turn my test in so early. I wonder if they thought I just signed my name and turned it in? A few of us were talking before the test and I had said I could get a zero on it and still pass the class, so anything I get on it is to the positive! I sure hope they didn’t think I just did that. But what I didn’t prepare for was some of the work I wanted done for myself like making prints, developing film,  scanning, and even taking portraits of a few friends who wanted them done before I left. So from Wednesday on I was at school all day and into some of the evenings. I think I may have seen a few of my friends, but I couldn’t tell by the dark shadows under their eyes and hair that looked like it hadn’t seen a comb in over 24 hours. So I really didn’t get to say, “See ya next year.” End of Rant.

Marywood class update

Color Photography
We had our final project critique, and as usual some really nice work was being done here. For my final project I wanted to combine Street photography with Portraiture. I wanted to get some nice interactions between the model and people passing by. A big thanks to fellow blogger Emma Pilon for enduring the cold.

Advertising Photography
We had our final which was really interesting and fun. Pete Nardone gave us a photograph of an advertisement and we had to recreate it in 30 minutes! There were many different challenges on this project. We first had to figure out the composition and the correct angle. Then there is focal length of the lens, and then once that was done, getting the shutter speed and ISO correct was a pain. The hardest part was figuring out how he lit the product. Luckily we got to work in pairs, so Tyler and I (the only other male Photo Major and his name is Ty also) went into more detail than we should have but it was fun and Pete enjoyed our effort.

My photography web site is finally up and running, check it out at Making a web page was very hard and frustrating for me. Sorry to my friends who had to deal with my temper tantrums in the computer lab. I will finish up with a great quote by my favorite photographer.

“A good photograph is knowing where to stand.”
—Ansel Adams

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