Design in Review

This week is portfolio reviews for junior art students here at Marywood. Once a year we get gather our work from the fall and spring semesters to bring to be reviewed by our professors. It is a really busy time for us all because we want to be as prepared as we can! Although, it can be stressful, it is really beneficial to get our work together in a portfolio. Not only do we get experience putting together a portfolio, we also get experience talking about our work. It is good to get constructive criticism from our professors so that we can make any changes to our work before we show it to internships or future employers.

These reviews allow us to be more confident about our work and about presenting ourselves as designers. It is one of the first steps in the transition of being a student to being a employee and professional designer. It’s also fun to see how your work has changed from one year to the next and how much we have all grown. Even going into the review I have felt more and more confident each year. I remember freshman year I was so nervous! Luckily, now the CMYKlub (our campus graphic design club) is now helping freshmen by having a support night that we do mock panels and give advice for portfolio reviews.

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