Design is a Celebration

Now that we are moving through August so quickly, that means, for me, the end of summer birthdays in our family. We haven’t had any since May and now at the end of August it will be my sister’s birthday. We are very close and I love birthdays so I have started getting her present together.

I love making homemade birthday cards. Love it! I have been making them since I was probably in 4th or 5th grade and ever since then I’ve made almost every card I have given. My cards have gone through many phases over the years, and they used to be quite creative! I went through a sticker phase, a scrapbook phase, and for a while I made pop-up cards; I’ve even been comical by making a card inside of a card inside of a card! Luckily, my cards have gotten more mature as I have and I have been doing fun fonts and cards on the computer. Most recently, my cards have been calligraphy (like everything else) so that is what I made for Pia.

This is just another aspect of my life that design has helped me! What better way to celebrate than with good design?

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