Lost Summer Light

By the time you are reading this, there will be less than 2 weeks till the new school year starts. Where did the summer go? I had hopes of everyday wandering, searching for light, and experiencing many adventures through my cameras. I wanted to organize and scan all my negatives. I have many rolls of film that need developing. There are tons of contact sheets of negatives that are not developed. Hours of editing and hours of time in the darkroom that did not happen. This summer was like the giant burger that claims, “if you can eat it all it is free.” Well I failed at eating all that I wanted to get done. I am not saying I did nothing over the summer; it is just not as much as I wanted to accomplish.

I have some time left so I plan to use it wisely and take the time to go out and shoot. Lets hope I take the time and get things developed and edited.

So this week here are some of my older photographs that I took while in Basic and Intermediate Black and White Photography. I need to go back and rescan and edit them. I think it is fun looking back and seeing the raw photographs before I learned about editing them and learning the tricks of scanning. Marywood you have taught me well since then, I hope this time next year I can look at the photographs and say “wow I have learned so much since then.”


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