Design is a Piece of Cake

It is a really good thing that I have been practicing my hand lettering so much because my boss has asked me to do all new menus for our store on chalkboards! I’m so excited to use what I’ve practiced and my design skills on things that many people will see. From what I’ve started, people already seem to be ordering more just because the design is better and easier to read. They aren’t finished yet so pictures of those to come!

As I finished those boards, I was also thinking of ways that having design skills has helped me in different areas. Not to talk about the ice cream shop again, but that’s where I’ve been spending a lot of my time and energy. One of the parts of the business is custom ice cream cakes. I’ve always loved cake decorating and it is just another way that I use the skills learned at Marywood to create cool things that I am proud of. Even on a cake, the ideas of spacing, lettering, and color can make or break whether a customer will like it. I think that the eye for color that Marywood has given me really helps to make cakes that customers love.

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