Rules of Light

You can make great friends at Marywood. My first day battle buddy a couple years ago was Amanda. One day during the semester we went out to one of our favorite spots to do a shoot, Nay Aug Park. I love landscape and nature shots; there is something so centering about Nature photography. I do like portraits and street photography too, but searching for light in nature is my Zen.

There are some rules to follow when shooting nature, and there are times you can just break them. The important thing to be able to do is to see the world as a photograph. Use your light Jedi skills and see the difference in contrast, see the composition, and see what it would look like as a photograph. In my feature image above you can see how the picture is framed in by the trees and shrubs, this forces your eye to go to the middle of the photograph. And in the photograph below, the movement of the river forces your eyes to travel along it till you get to the bridge. The other picture shows vertical layers, some say you should never have a vertical layer directly in the middle of the photograph. But these are just guidelines. You should always use your best judgment. The best way to learn is to compose the scene several different ways and figure out your own style.

The next two pictures show how you can use the rule of thirds and how to break them. The rule of thirds means to break up the picture into thirds both vertically and horizontally. Put your subject not in the middle but in the first or third section of the photograph.

See you next week!

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