Design is at the Fair

My weekend in London has been packed! On Saturday I went to Stonehenge and the Roman Baths, in Bath. Stonehenge was surreal, it felt like just yesterday I was learning about it in Art History I during freshman year. Now, I was getting to stand on the very land it sits on and it photographed beautifully too!

Sunday I bought tickets to go to an art fair in east London. This is where I am told “all of the cool people go.” It was called The Other Art Fair and it was at the Truman Brewery. The tickets were only £7 pounds because student discounts are really good over here. It was the coolest place I have ever been! Rows and rows of artists showing their work and standing right there to talk with you. Many show their work here because people from places like the Tate Modern come to buy new art. But, all of the artists were so nice when I talked to them even though I am not a rich art critique looking to buy their work.

It was awesome to interact with the artists because they talked about their work so confidently (as they should because it was amazing). I loved hearing about their processes and inspirations. There was all kinds of art: painting, graphic design, illustration, sculpture, photography. A lot of it was about London; maps where a common theme which was good because that is what I am learning about in my design class here. Pop art is very much alive! Detailed illustration was also very popular. I was a kid in a candy shop there….although the candy was very expensive! But, one day hopefully I will be able to buy some amazing art as well as be able to show my own.

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