Purty Light

Week 8 Rant: The Cold Stinks! End of rant

Taking pictures outside this time of year you get some pretty spectacular light situations. The sun is one big specular light source and you have to plan on many different things with it. No longer do you have the hazy days to worry about. Then the sun turns into one big soft box when it goes behind the clouds, and that too can give you a greater degree in tones. So this time of year is great for shooting. Except one problem, it can get cold and snow on you! Yesterday we got snowed on while shooting.

Marywood classes update

Color Photography:
Working on our still life/telling a story project. I have shot a few different things with this but I’m not completely sold on my idea yet. (More to come next week).

Advertising Photography:
We are working on the reflective properties and the challenges of Jewelry photography. First problem is getting the Jewelry to stand or set up the way you want. You also have to play around with the angle. Then you adjust the colors and backgrounds of things in the shot, and the hardest part is the right type of lighting.

Other classes are going fine. My printmaking class is my Zen class, and it refreshes me and makes me stop worrying about all the stress of my other classes. Well until I found out I was having a big test this past Thursday! Yep, was not ready for that one. Nothing will sink you faster than taking a test that you are not ready for. Good thing Peter Hoffer is an understanding professor. This upcoming week have a lot of projects due and a NYC trip by our Art department, and an event for my art honor society (Zeta Omicron). Speaking of an understanding professor, big shout out to Sue Jenkins (design professor and blogmaster) who takes my vernacular and makes me sound all purty.

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