So I’ve been absent from the blog for the past two weeks. If you were wondering where I went… I crashed my mountain bike at the beginning of the month and have been recovering from a double wrist fracture that I received from hitting the pavement. To make matters worst the hand that took the blow was my dominant left hand. Because of this injury I’ve had the opportunity to work with my right hand almost exclusively for the past few weeks. Its been interesting… a lot of trial and error. I never realized how horrible some of my motor skills are when I’m forced to use only my right hand, its been comical at times.

So as I regain control of my left hand through the next few months, I’ve got some time to try something different and see how I can work through this challenge. One of the ideas that I plan to try is wrapping my pens and pencils in foam, making them bigger, so that i can grasp them with my left hand. I’m sure down the road another solution to my problem is going to come up, but like I’ve said its been a good amount of trial and error. I’ve been told it may be 1-3 years before my arm is completely healed. Its been a slow process so far, but I’m hopeful for a speedy recovery. Until then I have to figure out how I’m going to incorporate this into my Halloween costume.

Featured image: http://montypython.wikia.com/wiki/Monty_Python_and_the_Holy_Grail

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