Design is Getting Younger

As I write this, it’s Labor Day weekend! The end of summer for many although I still have 2 more weeks until my personal summer ends. This weekend we celebrated memorial day at my grandparents’ home and all of my family came in to celebrate. It was great to be with all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins because we always have so much fun together. My cousins are a couple years younger than my siblings and I, but we are all very close. I love to get my younger cousins away from their ipads and video games and get them outside or creating. I am always amazed by how artistic kids are! My cousins are already so talented which makes it so fun to make art with them. I have been working a lot with my 13 year old cousin on her drawing skills; we’ve been drawing Disney characters. She has a great eye for color and balance, and is very meticulous. My 11 year old cousin loves to draw video game and tv characters so I definitely think she has a future as an illustrator! I love to teach them to be creative and courageous when it comes to art. I think it is so important to be really encouraging when they bring home art projects from school too; even if they don’t pursue art, I want them to have the confidence to keep creating!

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