Light Lost?

It was an interesting second week at here at Marywood University. I had a very stressful moment. (Cue in flashback music) there I was all happy that I had finished my shooting for my Advertising Photography class, confident that I had some good shots, the exercise was completed way ahead of schedule. So heading to our computer lab (cue song “Staying Alive” by the Bee Gees) I got my strut on, and fire up the computer, and plug in my hard drive and…nothing. By this time my photo buddies are saying “what is wrong?!” They can see the horror on my face as I explain that my External hard drive has just died. 3 years of photographs gone! Skip forward past tons of crying and cursing. So long story short I finally get my HD working. And I dare not plug it in till I get another hard drive. So I do not have that many photographs to choose from till I get my hard drive backed up. I will not chance plugging it back in until then!

In my Advertising Photography class we are learning about the different kinds of studio lights and how light affects your subject. We used specular and diffused light. Specular is one straight light source with a soft light or light diffused by a soft box. Then we played around with where to place the light to gain different effects on our subjects. Good thing I paid attention in my other photography classes because the math and science we used there helped me tremendously. Being able to switch ƒ-stop and shutter speeds on the fly with out having to re-meter saved tons of time. And my good old friend, the “inverse square law,” came out to play with me. (Not enough pages on the Internet to explain it.)

In my Color Photography class we had a fun exercise of making scanograms, which means composing on our flat bed scanners a story or a scan that says something. So I grabbed some of my past life Army stuff and scanned away. I was really impressed with what my fellow students came up with, some really unique compositions.

We have a big project due in a couple weeks so I will be shooting all weekend. So I hope to see you out there. Keep shooting!

P.S. Glad one of my friends and Zeta Omicron members Alyssa is now blogging with us here on Where Creativity Works. Go check out her posts!

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