Over the past few weeks I’ve been exploring the most totally tubular new art style. Synthwave, which is heavily inspired by the soundtracks and visuals of many 1980s films, video games, cartoons, and television shows, has become my go to for inspiration. Imagine blending together all of the neon, action heroes, lightning, and sweet cars of the 80s into one masterpiece. That’s pretty much Synthwave. The music relies on  a combination of  80s cliché elements in the sound such as electronic drums and synthesizer to create a retro future tune, while the art bathes in the epitome of 80s cheesiness covered in neon glory. In this world everyone has their sunglasses, leather jackets, and weapon of choice. Primarily focused on album art this genre is rapidly becoming a favorite of mine! Here are some examples for your viewing pleasure.

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  1. Very interesting post. I’m myself a great ’80 lover – what I can recommend for your inspiration is to listen “Rage in Eden” album by Ultravox. Great futuristic sound, entwined with melancholy and haunting melodies. U unique experience!

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