Design is Going Online

So I am really happy with how my logo for my personal Study Abroad Blog, and now I have been working to apply it to a blog theme. I have a very clear image in my head of how I want to home page of my blog to look but I am having a bit of a tough time fitting my idea in with the themes that are available for free blogging. I’ve tried almost all the themes in there last week, trying to get it to look exactly how I want it. I think I still have a lot more customizing to do but I am definitely getting closer to my ideal blog. I am also getting a lot of hands-on learning experience with setting things up on WordPress, so at least I am learning a lot.

Here is a screenshot of what the blog looks like so far. The header option in this theme is darkening my logo a bit so I still have to play around with the code to see if I can change that or if there is a better option.Screen Shot blog


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