Light in T-2

Time & Date: 0900, 23 Aug 15
Location: Outer Banks NC
Situation: Oh crap! I have school tomorrow
Mission: Pack and get back to Pennsylvania as fast and as safe as possible, with a follow up mission to get ready for Marywood the next day.

So I got in late last night and figured I would do my blog, unpack, and get things ready for my junior year. Well I did get things unpacked; the stuff is on my bed so I had to clear a spot on my bed so I can sleep. Sleep? Lol, no sleep for me, I am actually excited to go and see my friends and professors. I am receiving lots of texts from my friends all dreading school the next day, but we all know they are just as excited as I am.

Monday Morning: Getting texts that I need to hurry up as the parking spots are filling up quickly. Panic sets in as I get a few more texts wondering where am I ? so I had to get out of bed and check my schedule to make sure I am not late!

Time: 10:00am Monday before class. No time to download and edit my beach photographs. Besides, I have some street photography type photos from The Peach Feast I wanted to show you.


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