Design is in Dublin

This weekend I went to Dublin! I absolutely loved the city and I learned so much! The city is full of interesting history and the community uses a lot of design to help visitors learn more.

One of the cool things that I got to see this weekend was The Book of Kells at Trinity college. So the Book of Kells is world famous and it’s a illustrated manuscript from the 9th century. Yea like the year 800! They split the book up in the 1950’s so the college has two of the gospels of the book. They also had a tour all about the book and how it was made before you actually see the book. The book itself and the illustrations are absolutely beautiful and the design of the space showcased this well. They also put a collection of the alphabet of the drop caps used at the beginning of each sentence. That was so cool to see! They are so intricate!

We weren’t allowed to take photos of the actual book but I have plenty of the tour before it. I think that it would be such a cool job to design spaces and tours like these!


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