Inner vs. Outer Selves

On Friday, November 20, Marywood’s graduate art therapy students held a gallery opening on the 2nd floor of the Shields Center. Their show is called “Inner vs. Outer Selves” and it will be up until January 8, 2016. The grad students have been working very hard on these pieces and the labor and emotion is evident in each.

I’m sure by now you’ve experienced an instance where someone was much different once you talked to them versus when you first met them. We all have different “book covers” that people judge us by before reading our “contents.” Maybe you are someone who speaks in an outgoing manner, but inside you are dealing with an anxiety disorder or intense emotion. Or perhaps you are very quiet around others and keep a lot of thoughts in your head. Students tackled this idea and ended up with some really cool results.IMG_1564

I really liked Deborah Telatovich’s pieces, called her “Inner Covering” and “Outer Covering.” The outer covering caught my attention first because it was a giant dress made out of bubble wrap. The inner covering looked like a slip/nightgown. In her artist statement, Deborah explained how she has moved a lot in her life and is fragile just like the dishes and belongings she has protected with the bubble wrap in the past. The bubbles also signify joy for her, which she displays on the outside. The inside self is a slip, which is traditionally worn on the inside anyway, but for her it represented a secretive side.

There are lots of other neat representations of these artists’ inner and outer selves. Comment below and tell us which ones you liked!


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  1. Thank you Katlynn! I just found your blog today and it made my day! sorry I did not see this earlier. I hope you continue to be inspired by art to grow and flourish! all the best, Deb Telatovich

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