Design is Riding the Underground!

I am in London!!

I have been here for about 2 and a half days now and it has been a crazy adventure! From the plane, to the taxi, to my room, and then into city central. I have just gotten my first taste of the city and am wonderfully overwhelmed about how much there is to do and see! Plus, I am taking design and photography courses; I can’t wait to share the work I do here with you all!

These first couple of days I have been testing the waters: mainly with the tube system. I have always been intimidated by the NYC subway system so I admit that I was a little nervous to have to find my way around on the tube. Also, I have a pretty bad sense of direction. But let me say how extremely impressed I am by the London Tube! It is (so far) easy to use, and I haven’t felt lost. This is mainly because every sign and part of the tube is designed excellently! When people ask why the world needs graphic designers, well this is the reason! So lost newbies like me can look at the clearly labeled and color-coded signs and understand the world around them. Not to mention this map! There is a reason it is world famous. I’m a bit excited if you haven’t noticed, everything is so exciting right now. I just look around all day long and absorb all the new design around me!

Tomorrow I am going to the British Museum!

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