Light Confined

4th week done!

I think my professors were wanting to test me this week. Up until this week the workload I have had was relatively low, it was like a calm before the storm. I spent so much time at school and in different areas of our Studio Art center. I had my stuff scattered all over, stuff in the computer lab, stuff in the photo area, and stuff in the printmaking studio. I never worry about my valuables being taken, except sharpies! I can leave my laptop or headphones lying all over the place and never be touched, but leave a sharpie out and it will be gone in seconds!

In my Color Photography II class this week been working on a “limited space” project, where we are to photograph in a confined space. In my project, I am telling the story of a young girl within her own confined space. Sounds deep but I just threw my friend Liza in a refrigerator box! Sometimes I put her through a lot, especially when I made her get the box herself. She is a great sport.

Next, in my Advertising Photography class we learning more about lighting and ratios; not the most entertaining photographs but we learned a lot about lighting and it will definitely help me apply lighting to other things. At least my subject tasted good.

For my Photo History II class, presentation are due about making work inspired by an artist. I love Ansel Adams so I did my presentation on his work.

I’m also taking Intaglio Printmaking I this semester. This week I finished up my boat on the bay project. I enjoy the printmaking class; all that scratching is very Zen like.

Besides all that, my non-studio classes kept me busy with papers, presentations, and studying for tests. Good thing we had a petting zoo in our art field with Italian ice (I did not get much done that day)! The animals were fun and a great escape. Got a few candid shots of my friends, whom I am sure I will pay for posting the photographs later. All in all I felt good about everything that I accomplished this week, but I fear now that my professors know we can handle the load and are going to load us up even more in the future.

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