Universe in a Can

So this weekend I went out and bought an enormous 36x48in canvas for my latest experiment. In an ongoing process of upping the scale I work at I’ve realized that forcing myself to work bigger has always delivered promising results. As well as continuing with my current obsession for Synthwave and that neon goodness, I’ve started watching videos of street artists creating these vivid landscapes with spray paint on YouTube. Seeing the range of textures and sporadic results these artists are producing has definitely inspired me. So I went out and bought a few cans to work with.

At this point I’ve noticed that a lot of the stencil work in these pieces is very simple, mostly varied sizes of circles, so I’m in the process of finding interesting stencils to work with in my design. This week my plan is to go at this canvas with whatever I can find that may turn out well and to see what I can muster.

I’ll report back next week with my results!

Featured Image: http://api.ning.com/files/lqYfNJK9kApv-8pd02wJaOuX9RqxlGHbaOiN17xxw*eC8WMv-ZdbquHaF4XMAoP3sGnadwVxbAKDoblLJI9JXQb95EEBjttq/IMG_3905.JPG

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