Design is Screen Printing the Cities

This week has been a mix of design experiences. First, during my graphic design module here, I got to screen-print for my first time. We sent our design in to make the screen and then we got to print in the studio for a day. I really liked it! It was really fun to get messy with the inks and to make prints with such a manual technique. Plus the print quality is so nice. I think that it is something I would like to do more of because it so different. I am getting more and more comfortable with making things off of the computer. Although, its still scary because there is no undo button! I like to push myself out of my comfort zones and this one paid off because I found something that I like to do! So after that class, I’ve been on the lookout for cool examples of screen-printing.

This weekend I went to Scotland! It was really cold, but absolutely beautiful. All of the designs of the city were cool because they stayed true to the feeling of the city. I found a cute little screenprint/design shop in the old town part of Edinburgh. It was called the Red Door Gallery. I had to buy a print of course! I took a photo of the one I picked I can’t wait to frame it when I get home. I also really like the art on one of the buildings in the shopping area of the city. I thought it was an inventive way to cover up some construction!

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