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Week 14 Rant

I love having a short week, only Monday and Tuesday at school before we took our Thanksgiving break. I usually write my blog on Monday and it is published on Thursdays, so sometimes it is really challenging to figure out what I did the week prior. I am always trying to look forward to what is coming around the corner, especially with everything coming to a close on the fall semester. I worked pretty hard to get all my papers and projects somewhat finished. The good thing about Marywood is also the bad thing, classes are very small and you can get close to people–so close that it’s easy to catch someone’s cold, which I did.

Marywood class update

Color Photography:
Finished shooting my Transformation project, which called for taking something ordinary and transforming it into something new without using the “black magic”(Photoshop). I have a couple more ideas to try so I might go in early Monday and shoot some more. I have a photo shoot planned at that time anyway, so might as well.

Transformation Project (guess what they are)

I had mentioned in one of my classes I was searching for ideas for my final project, and a few classmates suggested I should re-enact a cartoon but with live characters. Hmm, I thought, sure, why not I would give it a try? I am not sure if you are familiar with the cartoon Gravity Falls but that was the inspiration for how some of my subjects dressed up as those characters. Disclaimer, I have never seen the cartoon so, no clue if we pulled it off.

Gravity Falls Shoot

Advertising Photography:
Only had one class on Tuesday and I think we only had a handful of students so we used it as a work in progress day. I had shot one thing but wasn’t real happy with it. So that is the shoot I am redoing on Monday. Oh the project is Model with a Product, so if you have some great ideas please let me know.

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