Designing Some Book Covers

Hello everyone! Finals week is slowly creeping up on us, and we are seeing the end of the endless projects! Congrats on making it this far! Our last project for General Illustration is an interesting one, as we will be making book covers. Part of me has always loved books, and I really wish I could read more while I’m in school, but I put my love for them to the side during the semester for projects. (Ironic isn’t it?)

In any case, when the project was announced, we had the options of working on a biography of an icon, an autobiographical book cover, or a series of 3 books to fit together. I chose the last one, and had a ton of fun working on the little ideas.

I chose a fantasy series by V.E. Schwab titled A Gathering of Shadows. I hoped I could tie all the book covers together. Here are my initial sketches! The original book series’ covers had a theme of red, black, gray, and white. I am hoping to use that as my color scheme for these as well. Since the books are about magicians who can jump in between different Londons ( Titled Gray, Red, White and Black Londons), the bottom row has my favorite because they all work together to show the foot steps jumping between different squares, which will be small maps of London.

Thumbnails of my bookcovers


What do you guys think? I’ll show you the next step once they’re all designed so check back for those!

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