New Experiences

Although a photography major, I have enjoyed my art classes very much this semester and have learned things about art I never knew before.

My favorite assignments I have done were from my 2D design class (shown below).

In the first piece, I used analogous colors with asymmetry and a motion of flutter. The motion can be seen in the way the pieces go from big and small as they make their way around the board, just like a leave in the wind.

In the second piece, I used complimentary colors with symmetry and a motion of boom. When I came up with the concept, I imagined as though a meteor hit, so the bigger pieces represent the crater and the debris around it.

I started both projects with a lemon and used my head to create something different, and these projects helped me understand art a little better and the different concepts.

Another one of my favorite projects was a cave painting I did for Art History (shown below).

For this project, we were to create a cave painting with natural resources. First I attempted to use ashes and real charcoal, but ultimately used art charcoal for it was easier to apply down on the concrete. Without this project, I would not have done this nor learned the background of cave paintings.

My art classes have shown me a new world in which I can apply to my photography, especially with the help of Collier Parker who takes his time to help me connect art to photography and opened my eyes to how I need to know concepts in both cases. I cannot wait to use this knowledge flow and value in my photography.

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