Designing Tattoo Ideas

Hello everyone! I wanted to show some tattoo ideas that I have come up with that I want to get done at some point. I mainly made minimalistic anime tattoos because I like anime and I’m not looking to do anything big or over the top. Simple and small is the goal for my first tattoo. I always thought of tattoos as another art form except it’s just on your body and I also found them interesting because tattoos can have meaning behind them if you want them to.

tattoo idea
This tattoo design that I created on procreate was inspired by Attack on Titan since it’s a show that has gotten me through a lot of hard times. The main character of Attack on Titan is Eren Jaeger and in the show he says this quote, “I will keep moving forward.” and that held a lot of meaning for me because in the end I will keep moving forward no matter what obstacles come my way. I love that quote and with that I accompanied it with a key on ‘keep’ because it’s the key that Eren wears in the show. It’s a very minimalistic design that holds a lot of meaning for me personally and I wanted a tattoo that reminds me that no matter what, I can move forward and won’t let anything stop me from moving forward to reach my goals.
tattoo ideas 2
These are two more minimal anime themed tattoos that I want to get at some point. The one on the top was inspired by Fullmetal Alchemist, Roy Mustang is a character that I love and I absolutely love the show because it made me feel so many emotions so I put his hand with flames coming out of the top since that’s his power. The second one at the bottom is inspired by Trafalgar Law from One Piece. I was also inspired by Michaelangelo’s Hands of God and Adam painting so I put his hands in that position because I just thought it would look cool.

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