A Day In Scranton

Hello Everyone! last week I had my little cousin come up from Jersey and spend a few days with us. We took her to the city of Scranton to the Market Place where they have the Electric City Aquarium. As she was exploring the aquarium, and my parents were keeping up with her, I took my time to photograph some of the animals through the glass (without using flash, of course). It was very hard to capture the animals in low light and also through glass when there was dirt from the animals and finger prints from the children. But I did what I could to get some good shots!

Out of all the animals I captured these two were the best images I could get– clear and detailed. I had fun capturing images of the animals, it was different than what I’m used to.

After we were done with the Aquarium, we walked around the mall and went to the different stores. At the part of the mall there was a bridge that looked over the Steamtown Train Yard, and I of course had to take pictures of the old trains at a different view point.

All of us had a fun time seeing all the animals and the trains. I was glad I was able to get some pictures throughout the day in Scranton.

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