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Some more weird projects

Over the last few weeks I’ve found myself dealing with some artistic burnout. My days feel short and my energy feel limited, but I’ve learned recently that no matter what, there is always a part of me that is eking something out at all times, whether it’s literal art, something I’m writing, a project I’m working on… to me it all feels like it comes from the same place. I think I have a habit of failing to acknowledge or notice these creative expressions because of the idea that I’m not making art the RIGHT way! Over the last few months, I’ve been trying to grow more mindful of how creativity can be brought to every aspect of life, not simply just “fine” art, which is why I wanted to share some of the projects that have given me excitement throughout what I would consider an artistic dry spell.

Wet Specimen

Last blog post I mentioned the dead bat I found in my attic. Well, after its body exchanged fluids with the alcohol I left it in (that’s technically what happens during embalming… I think that’s why they came up with a separate word for it) I followed up by injecting it directly with alcohol using a small syringe and I put it in a small jar filled with rubbing alcohol. Here he is, my male little brown bat, currently sitting on my desk gallery.

Thrift Binging

It’s been over a year since I stepped foot in some kind of second hand shop-largely due to COVID, but this past week Goodwill came back into my life with an explosion. $15 took me places I never thought I’d be able to go on this last trip and I’m stoked to share the bizarre objects I found.

While these objects were great, the question of what to do with them remained. Maybe it’s best to show instead of tell, but as far as the hands go, I spray painted them black, which gave them this graphite-looking texture. I also painted the nails silver, although I probably won’t keep that. Spray painting stuff from Goodwill has become a weird hobby of mine I guess… this is like the 5th or 6th time I’ve found myself doing it.

Also, I found two darkly-stained wooden candle sconces while I was at goodwill to. I’ve been accumulating weird objects and decorating my space with them for a while now, and I thought these would be amazing to create some kind of altar-looking decoration right in my room. Everything you see is thrifted, gifted or made, besides the printer and Lava Lamp. It’s my creative corner and my go-to place to salute the sun god, Ra, every morning before I brush my teeth.

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